Monday, October 12, 2009

SCP introduces: National Equality Edition

Super Cute Protesters has returned!

This weekend most SCP bloggers were in DC, marching for full LGBT equality. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country marched down Pennsylvania Avenue, demanding that Congress and President Obama take us seriously.

We promise to keep SCP posts witty, irreverent, and silly. That is what we do best. However, let me pause a moment to share a serious thought or two. (I apologize in advance.)

The march was amazing. I've always been suspicious of protests. What good can they really do? I refuse to chant silly slogans and "the herd" always makes me nervous. But yesterday, I felt differently.

If the only good thing to come from Sunday was that lump in my throat, the goosebumps on my arms, and that incredible feeling of solidarity that comes from being one person among thousands, joined together for a fleeting moment by the common cause of justice and equality, then it was worth it 100 times over.

It was energizing to be with friends whom I usually only see after sunset. We were there at noon, when we'd normally be sleeping off the decadence of the night before. It was encouraging to see straight friends, compelled to march not by self-interest, but by a commitment to stand up with their LGBT friends, whose lives they know to be the same as their own.

There was a breast cancer walk in DC this weekend. As we turned a corner on Pennsylvania Avenue, I was stunned to see a row of women (and a few men) dressed in pink, taking a break from their walk to cheer us on. These two causes--breast cancer awareness and LGBT civil rights--can't be more disparate. Yet there they were, lending their voices to our cause. Thank you.

It was also fun... perhaps too much fun. We began toward the front so we took a justified brunch break at a restaurant on the route. An hour later, after a few shots and some food, we rejoined the march. Everyone knows that Jameson is great for bravado. And bravado is just what I needed to be that guy, snapping pictures of super cute protesters with super cute signs. The pictures will follow in the coming days. As classless and profane as our captions will be, I should say for the record: Thank you to my brothers, sisters, and allies for coming to my city, and letting me march with you. As we continue to fight for equality and respect for all, let's have some fun on the side. In our case, the fun comes from this silly little blog and the adorable protesters who make it possible.

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